Our Story

At the start of August 2020, after years of working in financial services, a group of seasoned business financing professionals hit the ground running establishing a new brand. As they scaled, they saw that there was a lack of education to business owners, real estate investors, and entrepreneurs to understand their options and created a platform for complimentary business advisory services.

Our mission

The team at Kairos is committed to establishing relationships with our clients, lenders, and partners. By providing the best financing solutions available to business owners, real estate investors, and entrepreneurs while creating a positive association with financing options. Through our streamlined process, revolutionary technology and educated team of experts, we support business owners ability to create new opportunities.

Dedicated Financing Experts & Advisors


Term Loan

  • Loan Amounts of $25k-$5M

  • 6 months - 10 year terms

  • Funding in 1-3 Business Days

  • Use for investments in your business, such as expansion projects or large purchases.

Equipment Financing

  • Loan Amounts of $10k-$5M

  • 1 - 5 year terms

  • Funding in 1-3 Business Days

  • Financing heavy equipment helps free up businesses cash flow while giving you the ability to continue to serve your customers.

Business Lines Of Credit

  • Loan Amounts of $10k-$5M

  • 6 months - 10 year terms

  • Funding in 2-5 Business Days

  • Sometimes you may want your business to access funds when it needs them most or when the demands for working capital increase without having to always apply for a loan when needs arise.

SBA Loans

  • Loans Amounts of $50k-$5M

  • 10- 20 year terms

  • Funding in 45 Business Days

  • SBA loans have certain requirements for eligibility, such as size standards, proving the ability to repay the loan and solid business purpose. The SBA works with specific lenders to offer their programs which eliminate the risk from the lender since they are backed by the government.

Merchant Cash Advance

  • Loan Amounts of $10k-$5M

  • Flexible Terms

  • Since a merchant cash advance is based on a certain percentage of the daily balance, the more credit card sales a business does the faster they are able to repay the advance. On the other hand, during times of slow business, the payback would be reflective of the incoming cash flow.

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